People ask where the name Cecil came from and its actually my namesake.   Cecil Wesley Hatcher was my grandfather.  Armed with only an eighth grade education, he invented many of the machines responsible for changing highway travel as we know it.  I always had a tinkering inventive nature, I couldn't just be without knowing how something was made.  I had to always do, build it or make it myself.  The rest of my family taught me I could do anything I wanted if I put my mind to it and a little hard work goes a long way.

 Cecil Goods is the culmination of over 15 years of working with textiles and wanting to share what I consider my artistic outlet.  This is one you can touch and see and hopefully appreciate how much hard work and thought go into each piece.  For now every piece is hand crafted by me in small batches.  Time is a pretty short commodity these days so hopefully someday I can transfer my passion on to others who also see the vision and want to help fulfill it. Thanks for being an early adopter, please stay tuned as many more big things are yet to come.                           

                                                                                                                                                            Wes Hatcher, Founder.